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Create An Action Oriented SMS Marketing Strategy For Your Business

March 21, 2018

Today’s competitive market makes it imperative for a business to be flexible in adapting to the rapid evolution of marketing channels and best practices. By developing and establishing a well considered strategy, an organization can scale up its business by targeting the right audience and engaging them well with a curated mix of resources. SMS as a medium has proved time and again its mettle for doing wonders for a business if used correctly. In this survival of the fittest scenario progressive companies are leveraging the power of SMS and standing out using our intelligence and experience. Did you ask for tips?

Keep the SMS short and on point!

The magic number of 160 dictates for every character to be used wisely. In the age of decreasing attention spans, avoid writing out elaborate texts. Write as much as much as required and as short as possible to keep both your customers and your pockets happy.

Maintain a database to know your audience

Create a reliable database entailing customer’s purchase behavior and preferences to create and provide curated content which adds value to the recipient. Regularly check and update the database for modifications in buying behaviors and delete numbers which are constantly unavailable to ensure a higher ROI and save up marketing costs.

Create Urgency using SMS

Urgency is when the customer feels the need to act now. Sending an SMS about an exclusive offer that is time bound creates a sense of urgency. This makes the customer realize that the content in the SMS is important and calls for an action now.

Include a clear call-to-action in the SMS

SMS should have a clear call to action to let the recipient know what the next step is. Begin with the strongest keywords relevant to the product or the company that provides it and should include a link to the website or a number on which the customer can contact for any queries.

Personalize bulk SMS

Customers are likely to respond more to a personalized SMS that includes their name in the text. If the customer has opted in a loyalty programme, he expects a personalized experience. Thus, businesses must indulge more in targeted marketing program for the best results.

Level up your SMS marketing strategy!

Make your customers more interested and involved with a well implemented marketing strategy. Build your action oriented SMS marketing strategy!

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